Chung Kims Black Belt Academy
6th Degree Black Belt

Linda Spellious

Linda Spellious
Master Linda Spellious is the co-owner of Spellious Martial Arts, along with Master Duane Spellious. They have owned and operated Spellious Martial Arts, a subdivision of Chung Kim’s Black Belt Academy for over 30 years, with schools at Southpark Mall in Moline Illinois and Northpark Mall in Davenport Iowa.

Master Spellious began her Tae Kwon Do training in 1984 and received her master designation in 2010. She designed the kickboxing program, Tae cardio, at Spellious Martial Arts and still trains and assists with the program today. When she is not managing the Cloud, Channel and Shared Application Platforms organization at Deere and Company, she enjoys spending time with her family, Master Duane Spellious, Tyler Spellious (4th Dan), Jake Spellious (2nd Dan), and his wife Ashley. She is thankful for Mrs. Kim and all of her fantastic friends and dedicated students within Chung Kim’s Black Belt academy.

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